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Todu Y Nilala T Tano Man Uno • All Living Things Are One

Teach by incorporating the environment

Teaching concepts using local examples is critical to helping students connect lessons with island life. Guam EPA aims to support teachers and educators by providing information, offering internships to high school students and providing support to teachers and other educators.

If you have more lesson plans, activities or information to add to this section of our site, please contact us.

Lesson Plan Listing

The Guam Environmental Education Committee has compiled a listing of lesson plans based on topic and grade level. The EEC works to add new lesson plans on a monthly basis.

Click on the Teach Nature box to see our listing.

Field Trip Listing

Taking students into the environment is one of the best ways to reinforce lessons. This listing of field trips is sorted by village and suggested activity. If you have field trip suggestions please contact us.

Click on the See Nature box for our field trip listing.

The basics of teaching about the environment

  • Start with one lesson. Use our Lesson Plan listing to find one lesson you can work into your curriculum this week. Make the connection between Guam’s environment and any topic you are trying to teach.
  • Take class outside. No matter what you are teaching, you can make connections to the world outside. This type of hands-on learning can really help students understand concepts.
  • Know what is going on in the village. If you teach in Inarajan, use the landfill to teach about weight. If you teach in Dededo, use the Northern Guam Lens to teach about water characteristics. If you teach in Yigo, use Ritidian point to teach about geology.
  • Look for service learning projects. Weekend projects, tree planting activities and cleanup events are great ways for students to connect their classroom to every day life. Make sure to check our Calendar of Events for upcoming EEC activities.

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