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At home

Todu Y Nilala T Tano Man Uno • All Living Things Are One

Easiest ways to be environmentally-friendly at home

1 Buy paper plates instead of Sytrofoam. Paper breaks down within a few years. Sytrofoam never goes away, ever. Once it is used, Styrofoam will sit in the landfill forever and take up space.
2 Recycle aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass, steel cans and cardboard. All of these items can be recycled and don’t have to take up space in the landfill. For information about where to take these items, check out our Recycling Guide.
3 Dispose of oils, paints and chemicals responsibly Things like oil, batteries and chemicals should NEVER be dumped down the drain, into a river, or on the ground. Guam has permitted companies that are authorized to take and dispose of these types of waste. Check our Recycling Guide to find out where to take these items.
4 Plant native trees and never leave dirt exposed. Dirt that is not held down by trees or grass can wash into Guam’s rivers and eventually end up in the ocean. This kills corals and can harm fish. Do your part and plant native trees and keep dirt in place with grass and other vegetation.
5 Bring your canvas bag to the store. Single-use plastic bags are killers. They blow into the ocean and are known to kill sea turtles and birds. They stop other trash from breaking down when it gets to the landfill. The silver lining of the cloud is the obvious alternative is slowly taking hold in Guam. Get a bag and take it to the store with you.
6 Buy rechargeable batteries. Batteries can be corrosive and toxic. The less that are in our midst, the better. Choose rechargeable batteries to make the amount of batteries created overall less.

Upcoming Environmental Events

Click on the box below to see our upcoming environmental education events sponsored by the Guam Environmental Education Committee.

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