Staff Directory


In order by Division and Program



Administrator Walter Leon Guerrero 1.671.300.4759
Board Secretary Vilma Balajadia 1.671.300.4759
Deputy Administrator Yvette Cruz 1.671.300.4751
Public Information Officer Nic Lee 1.671.300.4753
ASO Connie Aflleje 1.671.300.4754
Admin. Assistant Lisa Santos 1.671.300.4792
Admin. Assistant Maggie Castro 1.671.300.4752
SPC Serena Benito 1.671.300.4791
Compt. Systems Romeo Zacarias 1.671.300.4761

Air and Land Division

Air and Land Administrator Conchita Taitano 1.671.300.4760

Hazardous Waste Program

Supervisor Vincent Pereira 1.671.300.4757
EHS Michael O’Mallan 1.671.300.4767
EHS Don Quinata 1.671.300.4768
EHS Mevany Hecita 1.671.300.4763

Solid Waste Program

EHS Laura Kanai 1.671.300.4766
EHS Glenn San Nicolas 1.671.300.4764
EHS Maria Duenas 1.671.300.4764
SPC Sabrina Cruz Sablan 1.671.300.4765

Pesticide Enforcement Program

Supervisor Betwin Alokoa 1.671.300.4758
EHS Karl Olson 1.671.300.4769
EHS Darry Guzman 1.671.300.4769

Air Pollution Control Program

Supervisor Roland Gutierrez 1.671.300.4756
EHS Luong Truong 1.671.300.4771
EHS Hanna Jugo 1.671.300.4771

Environmental Monitoring and Surveillance (EMAS) Division

EMAS Administrator Jesse Cruz 1.671.300.4795

Monitoring Program

Biologist Annie Leon Guerrero 1.671.300.4789
Biologist Bob Salas 1.671.300.4790
Biologist Renee Schnabel 1.671.300.4790
Prgm Coordinator Margaret Aguilar 1.671.300.4787


Chemist Rudolfo “Rudy” Paulino 1.671.300.4793
Chemist Edelisa “Del” Yanit 1.671.300.4793
Lab Technician Mark Domingo 1.671.300.4793

Water Division

Water Resources Management Program

Engineer Susan Marquez 1.671.300.4778
Supervisor Johnny Abedania 1.671.300.4786
Engineer Rustico “Ogie” A. Joya 1.671.300.4780
Inspector Francis Mendiola 1.671.300.4777

Safe Drinking Water Program

Engineering Supervisor Angel Marquez 1.671.300.4796
SDWIS Admin Julie Mendoza 1.671.300.4796
Engineer Carmencita “Chit” Cortez 1.671.300.4776
Engineer Elvis Ventura 1.671.300.4779
Inspector Jun Quezada 1.671.300.4784

Water Pollution Control Program

Supervisor Edgardo Ibay 1.671.300.4774
Engineer Jerry Aquino 1.671.300.4783
Engineer Maricar Quezon 1.671.300.4781
Inspector Verony “Ron” Charfauros 1.671.300.4781
Inspector Richard Diego 1.671.300.4784
Admin Asst Francine Taitague 1.671.300.4784
Planner Ray Calvo 1.671.300.4784

Green Parcels/Department of Defense and State Memorandum of Agreement (DSMOA)

Acting Division Head Michael Cruz 1.671.300.7874
Planner Edwin Aranza 1.671.300.4797
CSA II Galo Baluran 1.671.300.7873