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Staff Directory

Todu Y Nilala T Tano Man Uno • All Living Things Are One


In order by Division and Program



Administrator Walter Leon Guerrero Walter.LeonGuerrero@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4759
Board Secretary Vilma Balajadia Vilma.Balajadia@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4759
Deputy Administrator Yvette Cruz Yvette.Cruz@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4751
Public Information Officer Nic Lee Nic.Rupley@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4753
ASO Connie Aflleje Connie.Aflleje@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4754
Admin. Assistant Lisa Santos Lisa.Santos@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4792
Admin. Assistant Maggie Castro Maggie.Castro@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4752
SPC Serena Benito Serena.Benito@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4791
Compt. Systems Romeo Zacarias Romeo.Zacarias@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4761

Air and Land Division

Air and Land Administrator Conchita Taitano Conchita.Taitano@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4760

Hazardous Waste Program

Supervisor Vincent Pereira Vincent.Pereira@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4757
EHS Michael O’Mallan Michael.OMallan@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4767
EHS Don Quinata Don.Quinata@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4768
EHS Mevany Hecita Mevany.Hecita@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4763

Solid Waste Program

EHS Laura Kanai Laura.Kanai@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4766
EHS Glenn San Nicolas Glenn.SanNicolas@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4764
EHS Maria Duenas Maria.Duenas@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4764
SPC Sabrina Cruz Sablan Sabrina.CruzSablan@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4765

Pesticide Enforcement Program

Supervisor Betwin Alokoa Betwin.Alokoa@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4758
EHS Karl Olson Karl.Olson@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4769
EHS Darry Guzman Darry.Guzman@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4769

Air Pollution Control Program

Supervisor Roland Gutierrez Roland.Gutierrez@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4756
EHS Luong Truong Luong.Truong@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4771
EHS Hanna Jugo Hanna.Jugo@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4771

Environmental Monitoring and Surveillance (EMAS) Division

EMAS Administrator Jesse Cruz Jesse.Cruz@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4795

Monitoring Program

Biologist Annie Leon Guerrero Annie.LeonGuerrero@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4789
Biologist Bob Salas Bob.Salas@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4790
Biologist Renee Schnabel Renee.Schnabel@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4790
Prgm Coordinator Margaret Aguilar Margaret.Aguilar@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4787


Chemist Rudolfo “Rudy” Paulino Rudy.Paulino@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4793
Chemist Edelisa “Del” Yanit Edelisa.Yanit@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4793
Lab Technician Mark Domingo Mark.SantoDomingo@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4793

Water Division

Water Resources Management Program

Engineer Susan Marquez Susan.Marquez@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4778
Supervisor Johnny Abedania Johnny.Abedania@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4786
Engineer Rustico “Ogie” A. Joya Rustico.Joya@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4780
Inspector Francis Mendiola Francis.Mendiola@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4777

Safe Drinking Water Program

Engineering Supervisor Angel Marquez Angel.Marquez@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4796
SDWIS Admin Julie Mendoza Julie.Mendoza@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4796
Engineer Carmencita “Chit” Cortez Carmencita.Cortez@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4776
Engineer Elvis Ventura Elvis.Ventura@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4779
Inspector Jun Quezada Jun.Quezada@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4784

Water Pollution Control Program

Supervisor Edgardo Ibay Edgardo.Ibay@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4774
Engineer Jerry Aquino Jerry.Aquino@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4783
Engineer Maricar Quezon Maricar.Quezon@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4781
Inspector Verony “Ron” Charfauros Verony.Charfauros@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4781
Inspector Richard Diego Richard.Diego@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4784
Admin Asst Francine Taitague Francine.Taitague@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4784
Planner Ray Calvo Ray.Calvo@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4784

Green Parcels/Department of Defense and State Memorandum of Agreement (DSMOA)

Acting Division Head Michael Cruz Mike.Cruz@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.7874
Planner Edwin Aranza Edwin.Aranza@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.4797
CSA II Galo Baluran Galo.Baluran@epa.guam.gov 1.671.300.7873


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