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Fact sheet released about how to stay connected

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Fact sheet released about how to stay connected

The following release was issued at noon today by the Joint Information Center.

Joint Information Center (JIC) releases first fact sheet: Be Informed

Press Release No. JIC-No.2
Read the fact sheet.
The Joint Information Center (JIC) has released Fact Sheet Number 1: Be Informed. It is important that members of our community be prepared for any natural or man-made disasters. The fact sheet focuses on having access to the most current information. Government of Guam and military partners are working through the JIC to provide the most accurate and timely information possible to the public through the avenues identified on the fact sheet.

The public is encouraged to rely on information sources identified in the fact sheet for their preparedness and response level. The community is encouraged to be informed, make a plan and build a kit. The fact sheet will be available on-line, your village mayor’s office, and via email by request. Stay tuned for Fact Sheet No. 2 which will focus on making a plan, building a kit and shelter in place tomorrow.

“We are asking the community to do their part and stay informed. Listen to the news, visit our website or give us a call at the Joint Information Center,” said Dee Cruz, Acting Public Information Officer for Guam Homeland Security.

For more information or a copy of the fact sheet visit ghs.guam.gov, email info@guam.gov or call 671-475-9600.

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