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Guam EPA offers training for Customs officers

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Guam EPA offers training for Customs officers

Guam EPA offers training for Customs officers to prevent illegal pesticides from being imported

The Guam Environmental Protection Agency (Guam EPA) is working with the Guam Customs and Quarantine Agency and U.S. EPA to train more than 40 Customs officers to detect and intercept illegal pesticides this week.

The training sessions will focus the detection of illegal pesticides, stopping their importation and ensuring the required Notice of Arrival forms are correctly completed. This is the third training session Guam EPA has done with the Customs and Quarantine officers in the past five years. A U.S. EPA Pesticides Project Officer from Region 9 is on island to assist with the trainings.

“Having pesticide importers submit a proper ‘Notice of Arrival’ form to Guam EPA before the pesticides are brought into the island is crucial in keeping dangerous illegal pesticides from potentially harming our environment and community,” said Guam EPA Administrator Ivan Quinata. “These trainings are a key component to our overall goals of pesticide enforcement.”

There will be two training sessions on Wednesday, Jan. 11, at the main Customs and Quarantine Agency offices in Tiyan.

According to Guam EPA’s Pesticide Enforcement Program, the number of illegal pesticides in Guam has significantly declined in the past five years due to the vigilance of the Customs Officers.

A pesticide is defined as any substance designed to kill or mitigate a pest. Legal pesticides have a small U.S. EPA registration number on the label. Registered pesticides must have information about proper storage, use, disposal of the product and what to do in an emergency situation.

For more information Pesticide Enforcement Program, click here.

For more information about the training or to arrange an interview, please contact Tammy Jo Anderson Taft at 475-1646, 988-7582 or email TammyJoAnderson.Taft@epa.guam.gov.


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