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Guam EPA responds to oil spill

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Guam EPA responds to oil spill

Guam EPA staff responded to a oil spill reported this morning at the Port Authority of Guam. The Agency’s response team is working in conjunction with the U.S. Coast Guard, representatives of the company involved and other government agencies.

There is no immediate danger to anyone in the area or users of the Port at this time. Absorbent materials were deployed and the the spill is being contained.

“Guam EPA will continue to work with the U.S. Coast Guard and representatives of the company as the assessment of the situation continues. We will make sure the area is cleaned up to standards required by environmental law,” said Guam EPA Administrator Eric M. Palacios. “This type of situation demonstrates the importance of environmental regulation, emergency planning and having trained personnel to respond appropriately. Precautionary measures ensure environmental protection during situations like this.”

Guam EPA will continue to provide information about the situation via this website and our Twitter feed.

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