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Guam’s Recycling Rate Increases to 28 percent

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Guam’s Recycling Rate Increases to 28 percent

The Guam Environmental Protection Agency (Guam EPA) today released its calculated island-wide recycling rate for the second year, in observance of America Recycles Day, and it is pleased to announce a double-digit increase from last year’s figure — from 17.85% to 28.13%.

“The 10-percentage-points increase in Guam’s recycling rate shows that more people are recognizing the importance of conserving natural resources and protecting our environment,” said EPA Administrator Eric M. Palacios. “This surpasses our Administration’s goal and puts Guam solidly on the road to zero waste.”

Following participation in America Recycles Day for the first time last year, Guam EPA and the Calvo-Tenorio Administration committed to increasing Guam’s recycling rate by at least three percentage points every year beginning in 2013. The 28.13% figure means that more than 28-percent of all disposed materials including paper, metals, plastics, and electronics were recycled, mulched or composted. In total, more than 36,800 tons of material was beneficially reprocessed, according to the data.

The recycling data was collected by Guam EPA using information from permitted island recyclers, hardfills, landfills, and facilities on federal property. The only materials excluded were construction and demolition debris, biosolids, and vehicles, which are not measured by U.S. EPA in national recycling rates.

“The team at Guam EPA, which directly oversees this project for our island, is to be commended for their efforts,” EPA Administrator Eric M. Palacios added. “Without their enthusiasm to educate our community on the value of recycling, or to conduct outreach activities that promoted beneficial reuse, this rate increase would not have been possible.”

Recycling rates increased in all major material categories and landfill disposal dropped significantly. Guam developed a Zero Waste Plan this year and following a successful pilot project, curbside recycling is being implemented island-wide to make recycling easier for the community.

Residents of Guam can use Guam EPA’s Recycling Guide online to learn what permitted facilities accept certain types of recyclable materials, please visit: http://epa.guam.gov/activities/recycling-guide/. The data about Guam’s recycling rate is available at Guam EPA’s Issuu site. The information will also available at Guam EPA’s main office in Tiyan.

For more information about this report, the Guam Recycling Guide or to schedule a presentation about recycling, contact Sabrina Cruz Sablan at 300.4751 or at: Sabrina.cruzsablan@epa.guam.gov.

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