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Todu Y Nilala T Tano Man Uno ā€¢ All Living Things Are One

Agency History

Guam EPA honored in late 1980s

Guam EPA staff pose for the Agency’s first GovGuam-wide award in the late 1980s. From left to right: Michael Cruz (Program Coordinator), Bonnie Johansen (Program Coordinator), LT. Gov. Frank Blas, Sen. Franklin Quitugua, Gov. Joe Ada, James Canto (Division Head), Francis Damian (Program Coordinator), Jose Techaira (Program Supervisor), Robert Wood (Program Coordinator).

Acting Gov. Kurt S. Moylan Signed Public Law 11-191 on Dec. 7, 1972 that enabled the creation of the Guam Environmental Protection Agency. The Public Law gave responsibilities once given to different agencies and commissions to the newly formed Guam EPA. On March 3, the following year, Guam EPA officially started work and took up residence at the Harmon Plaza.

The Agency’s Policy and Purpose are:
It is hereby declared to be the public policy of this territory of Guam that a high quality environment be maintained at all times to guarantee an enjoyable life for all people at present and in the future, and that environmental degradation of the quality of land, water and air by any pollutants, including all physical, chemical and biological agents, should not be allowed. To these ends, it is the purpose of this Act to provide a united, integrated, and comprehensive territory-wide program of environmental protect and to provide a framework to fulfill that task.

Guam EPA Timeline

  • 1995 – Guam EPA moves from Harmon to Tiyan, Barrigada. The building was available after the Department of Defense returned properties on the formal Naval Air Station (NAS) to the Government of Guam. The Agency was housed in the former Calibration Laboratory on Mariner Avenue.
  • 2000 – Another building is added to Guam EPA’s offices in Tiyan through a MOU between the Agency and the Guam International Airport Authority. This second building now houses the Administrator and other programs.
  • 2006 – Guam EPA signed an official lease with the Guam Ancestral Lands Commission which allowed the Agency to lease the building now housing the Water Division and the Environmental Monitoring and Analytical Services Division.
  • 2007 – The administrative supervision of the Guam Energy Office is placed with Guam EPA.