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Todu Y Nilala T Tano Man Uno ā€¢ All Living Things Are One


The Administrator of Guam EPA is appointed by the Governor of Guam and confirmed by the Guam EPA Board of Directors. Walter Leon Guerrero was appointed Acting Administrator in October 2016. He was working as the Division Head Manager of the Guam EPA’s DSMOA Divison before his appointment.

Several Guam EPA programs report directly to the Administrator. These programs support projects and programs throughout the Agency.

Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division (ASD) is critical in helping programs purchase supplies, hire staff and communicate with other government agencies. This Division answers directly to the Administrator and supports all aspects of the agency.

Information Management

Information flow is critical to the function of Guam EPA. To help information flow internally and with the public, Guam EPA has support staff that ensure the network is functioning and there is a public outreach and education aspect to everything the Agency does.

Walter Leon Guerrero Administrator 1.671.300.4759 Walter.LeonGuerrero@epa.guam.gov
Arlene Acfalle
Board Secretary 1.671.300.4759 Arlene.Acfalle@epa.guam.gov
Deputy Administrator
Nic Rupley Lee Public Information Officer 1.671.300.4753 Nic.Rupley@epa.guam.gov

Administrative Services Division

Connie Aflleje Administrative Services Officer 1.671.300.4754 Connie.Aflleje@epa.guam.gov
Maggie Castro Administrative Assistant 1.671.300.4752 Maggie.Castro@epa.guam.gov
Lisa Santos Administrative Assistant 1.671.300.4792 Lisa.Santos@epa.guam.gov

Information Management

Romeo Zacarias Computer Systems 1.671.300.4761 Romeo.Zacarias@epa.guam.gov