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Pesticide Regulations

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History of Pesticide Control Regulations

The original set of Rules and Regulations were filed with the Legislature on Jan. 29, 1981, and were based on a law created in 1977. The Pesticide Control Program has worked hard in recent years to update Guam’s Pesticide Control Law and the supporting regulations. The most recent regulations were adopted in early 2011.

Quick Guide to Air Pollution Regulations

Title 22, Division 3, Chapter 15Guam Pesticide Regulations

  • 15101. General Provisions: Words in Singular Form.
  • 15102 Same: Terms Defined an Construed.
  • 15103. Same: Local Enforcement of FIFRA.
  • 15104. Pesticide Registration and Sale: Labeling Required.
  • 15105. Same: Coloration.
  • 15106. Same: Adulteration.
  • 15107. Same: Misbranding.
  • 15108. Same: Registration.
  • 15109. Same: Procedures for Collection and Examination of Samples.
  • 15110. Same: Enforcement Procedures.
  • 15111. Same: Experimental Use Permits.
  • 15112. Same: Restricted Use Pesticide Dealer License.
  • 15113. Same: Sales of Restricted Use Pesticides.
  • 15114. Same: Records and Reports of Restricted Use Pesticides Sale and Application.
  • 15115. Same: Storage, Display and Sales of Pesticides.
  • 15116. Same: Disposal of Unwanted Pesticides and Empty Containers.
  • 15117. Same: Restricted Use Pesticides.
  • 15118. Pesticide Use: Certification of Applicators for Restricted Pesticide Use.
  • 15119. Same: Conditions and Limitations on Application of Restricted Pesticides by Aircraft, Power Rigs, Mist Blower and Other
    Ground Equipment.
  • 15120. Same: Posting of Signs in Areas Treated With Highly Toxic Pesticides.
  • 15121. Same: Denial, Suspension or Revocation of Certificates.
  • 15122. Imported Pesticides and Devices: Notice of Arrival of Pesticides and Devices.
  • 15123. Same: Arrival of Shipment.
  • 15124. Same: Release of Shipment or Refusal of Delivery.
  • 15125. Same: Samples.
  • 15126. Severability

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