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Air Pollution Laws

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About the Air Pollution Control Act

Chapter 49 Guam Code Annotated

  • Aims to coordinate prevention and control of air pollution in Guam.
  • Directs Guam EPA to establish ambient air quality standards for Guam, and consult with those constructing or operating any air pollution source.
  • Instructs the Agency to implement, maintain and enforce standards established by the Clean Air Act.
  • Requires any owner or operator of an air pollution source to maintain records, draft reports, sample emissions and other monitoring procedures.
  • Establishes the Air Pollution Control Permit Program and the Air Pollution Control Special Fund.
  • Give the Administrator the ability to declare, with the governor, an emergency if air pollution is causing imminent danger to human health or safety.
  • Outlines the Motor Vehicle Pollution Control section that allows inspection of vehicle emissions

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