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Water Pollution Laws

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About the Water Pollution Control Act

Chapter 47 Guam Code Annotated
  • Authorizes Guam EPA to study ground water and potential pollution sources
  • Requires creation of a standard for water purity and classification according to the most beneficial uses of water/li>
  • Authorizes Guam EPA to receive complaints regarding water pollution, investigate the investigations and hold necessary hearings.
  • Gives Guam EPA authority to order a stop to actions that pollute water and examine all plans for sewer systems and discharges.
  • Makes illegal sewer systems illegal.
  • Designates a Groundwater Protection Zone.
  • Sets penalties for those who violate the law.

Toilet Facilities and Sewage Disposal Act

Chapter 48 Guam Code Annotated
  • Outlines the types of toilets and sewage facilities.
  • Requires the approval of the Administrator for construction of any toilet or sewage facilities.
  • Mandates that septic tanks and leaching systems have to be more than 300 feet of any river, creek, pond or stream.
  • Establishes the Public Utility Agency Wastewater Fund.

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