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Register for the Zero Waste Pacific training and conference [OLD]

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May 4,2014 - May 9,2014    Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

During the recent Pacific Islands Environment Conference in June 2013, Guam EPA received significant interest in the management of solid waste. In response, the Agency will be hosting the region’s first solid waste sustainable materials management workshop and conference this year. The workshop component of this event is envisioned to provide certification for attendees in various solid waste management fields. To complement this event, the conference component is expected to showcase subject matter experts and their work in provocative and practical topics, such as the application of beneficial use in specific waste streams, developing zero waste for small communities and conducting recycling measurements assessments. The training includes three-day courses conducted by the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA). Following the training there will be a two-day workshop focusing on sustainable materials management in the Pacific. The three-day training begins on Sunday, May 4 and concludes with a day of testing on Wednesday, May 7. Three courses will be offered in topics including managing composting programs, integrated solid waste management systems and recycling systems. The two-day conference begins on Thursday, May 8. The conference will include presentations focusing on zero waste, capacity building and community-based environmental protection. Registration cost is $650.00 per participant. For more information about SWANA certification or the training component of the event, contact Guam EPA’s Solid Waste Management Program at 300-4751 or email Laura.Kanai@epa.guam.gov.


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Registration is closed for this event.
For more information or questions, please email:

SWANA Training registration form

If you are interested in attending the SWANA workshop please download this form and email it to Training@swana.org. The training costs $650 per participant and must be paid to SWANA.

About the conference

Zero ​Waste ​Pacific ​comprises ​a ​three-day, ​three-course ​option ​SWANA ​Certification ​Training ​(May ​4-6) ​with ​by ​one ​day ​of ​testing ​(May ​7), ​followed ​by ​a ​two-day ​Sustainable ​Materials ​Management ​Conference ​hosted ​by ​Guam ​EPA ​(May ​8-9). ​

There ​are ​three ​course ​options ​for ​the ​SWANA ​Training, ​with ​each ​course ​limited ​to ​20 ​attendees, ​and ​you ​must ​register ​for ​one:

1. ​Managing ​Integrated ​Solid ​Waste ​Management ​Systems: ​Designed ​to ​improve ​the ​knowledge ​of ​individuals ​that ​manage ​municipal ​solid ​waste ​management ​systems, ​addressing ​the ​many ​and ​varied ​duties ​of ​the ​solid ​waste ​system ​manager. ​Master ​concepts ​of ​planning, ​developing ​and ​managing ​solid ​waste ​systems ​are ​discussed ​along ​with ​specific ​system ​management ​issues.

2. ​Managing ​Composting ​Programs: ​This ​course ​will ​enable ​students ​to ​appreciate ​and ​understand ​the ​science ​and ​practice ​of ​this ​growing ​industry. ​Upon ​completing ​this ​course, ​participants ​will ​have ​an ​understanding ​of ​composting ​from ​planning ​through ​design ​and ​operation ​of ​modern ​compost ​facilities. ​The ​course ​is ​offered ​by ​SWANA ​as ​preparation ​for ​the ​Composting ​Certification ​exam, ​issued ​jointly ​by ​SWANA ​and ​the ​U.S. ​Composting ​Council ​(USCC).

3. ​Managing ​Recycling ​Systems: ​This ​course ​provides ​the ​information ​needed ​to ​successfully ​plan, ​develop, ​market, ​fund, ​contract ​and ​manage ​recycling ​programs. ​It ​also ​addresses ​collection, ​processing, ​end-use ​standards ​application ​and ​protection ​of ​human ​health ​and ​the ​environment.

There ​are ​also ​three ​tracks ​for ​the ​Sustainable ​Materials ​Management ​Conference ​portion, ​with ​each ​track ​limited ​to ​50 ​registrants, ​and ​you ​must ​register ​for ​one:

  • 1. ​Zero ​Waste: ​A ​series ​of ​in-depth ​discussions ​on ​the ​development ​of ​the ​Guam ​Zero ​Waste ​Plan, ​the ​outcome ​of ​study ​performed, ​and ​the ​recommendations ​on ​the ​way ​forward.
  • 2. ​Capacity ​Building ​Integration: ​A ​showcase ​of ​projects ​that ​integrate ​recycling, ​beneficial ​use, ​and ​other ​waste ​diversion ​opportunities ​in ​the ​workplace, ​school, ​home, ​and ​community.
  • 3. ​Traditional ​and ​Community-based ​Environmental ​Protection: ​A ​showcase ​of ​projects ​implemented ​by ​individuals, ​non-profit, ​or ​non-government ​entities ​in ​their ​respective ​community. ​This ​Track ​is ​intended ​to ​promote ​traditional ​knowledge ​and ​support ​the ​ingenuity ​and ​relevance ​of ​cultural ​integration ​in ​environmental ​protection.
  • The ​cost ​of ​the ​SWANA ​Certification ​Training ​Workshop ​is ​$525. ​To ​register ​for ​the ​SWANA ​Certification ​Training ​Workshop, ​either ​alone ​or ​in ​conjunction ​with ​the ​Sustainable ​Materials ​Management ​Conference, ​you ​must ​register ​here ​with ​Guam ​and ​also ​here ​(https://swana.org/Events/EventDetail.aspx?ec=NSETW) ​with ​SWANA ​in ​order ​pay ​for ​your ​course ​materials ​and ​secure ​your ​seat ​in ​the ​course ​of ​your ​choice.

    To ​register ​for ​the ​Sustainable ​Materials ​Management ​Conference ​only ​(with ​no ​SWANA ​Certification ​Training), ​simply ​register ​here ​with ​Guam.

    If ​you ​have ​questions ​about ​registration ​only, ​please ​contact ​Barbara ​Hall ​(ASTSWMO) ​at ​202-640-1066 ​or ​barbarah@astswmo.org, ​or ​Allison ​Goldberg ​(ASTSWMO) ​at ​202-640-1065 ​or ​allisong@astswmo.org.

    If ​you ​have ​questions ​about ​the ​Training ​Workshop ​or ​Conference, ​please ​contact ​Laura ​Rumong ​Kanai ​(Guam ​EPA) ​at ​671-300-4751 ​or ​laura.kanai@epa.guam.gov. ​

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