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Guam Nature Alliance [OLD]

All Living Things Of The Earth Are One • Manunu Todu I Manlåla’la’

What is the Guam Nature Alliance

The Guam Nature Alliance (GNA) includes government, nonprofit and educational organizations that are interested in promoting environmental education on the island of Guam. As a whole, the GNA supports numerous environmental education efforts on Guam by providing information, speakers or outreach materials.

Members of the Guam Environmental Education Award pose with U.S. EPA Region 9 Administrator Jared Blumenfeld to receive the 2012 Educational Leadership Award.

The GNA is comprised of three separate groups focused on different resource areas. The groups include:

  • Tano (Land): This group focuses on land resources including forested areas, limestone forest, badlands and hiking trails. Members of this group include representatives from the Guam Department of Agriculture, i*Recycle program, Guam Community College, Guam Coastal Management Program – Bureau of Statistics and Plans, the University of Guam, and Guam EPA.
  • Tasi (Ocean): This group focuses on ocean resources including nearshore areas, coral reefs, estuaries and lagoons. Members of this group include representatives from NOAA, University of Guam Sea Grant, Guam Department of Agriculture, GW High School Marine Mania, National Park Service, Western Pacific Coral Reef Institute, U.S. Coast Guard Sea Partners, University of Guam Island Sustainability coordinator and Guam EPA.
  • Hanom (Water): This group focuses on freshwater resources including rivers, streams, the Northern Guam Lens, estuaries and reservoir areas. Members of this group include representatives from Guam Department of Agriculture, Guam Coastal Management Program – Bureau of Statistics and Plans, NRCS, University of Guam and Guam EPA.

Upcoming GNA events

The GNA strives to offer family-friendly activities to help all residents learn more about the environment. Click on the box below to see our complete listing or visit our Upcoming Events page.

GNA’s Mission Statement

The Guam Nature Alliance strives to

  • To instill environmental responsibility and pride
  • The perpetuation of Chamorro culture
  • To increase scientific and environmental literacy
  • Support activities and publications
  • To retie people with the environment
  • Provide facilitation between other groups

GNA’s Vision Statement

The Guam Nature Alliance has a vision that our island community will be an educated and informed public who supports and actively participates in environmental stewardship resulting in thriving and resilient terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

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