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Administrator Review

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Guam EPA Compliance with PL 29-061:3: Relative to Performance Reviews of Agency Heads – August 15, 2019

§43202. Performance Reviews of Agency Heads. The governing Boards for all agencies, instrumentalities, or entities shall issue performance reviews of the Chief Executive selected for that agency six (6) months after appointment of the said Chief Executive and every twelve (12) months thereafter that the Chief Executive is retained by the Governing Board. Each performance review shall document the Chief Executive’s performance, accomplishments, and the respective Governing Board’s reasons for retaining the said Chief Executive.

§43203. Publication of Performance Reviews. The performance reviews required under this Act shall be made public and the availability of these reviews shall be published by the respective Governing Boards issuing the aforementioned reviews by newspaper of general circulation or by radio or television which is reasonably calculated to provide notice of the facts it announces to the public at large and posted on the agency, instrumentality or entity’s website:

WALTER S. LEON GUERRERO – Guam EPA Administrator Evaluation