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About the Beach Report

Community service since 1974

The Recreational Waters Pollution Report is compiled by Guam EPA’s Environmental Monitoring and Analytical Services Division. Guam EPA has performed this community service weekly since 1974. With increasing support from the federal government by way of the BEACH Act and the Clean Beaches Plan, Guam is able to support and maintain our beach monitoring program.

The reported is based of samples from 44 recreational beaches. Samples are taken every Thursday. The samples are analyzed for concentrations of an indicator bacteria and the results are published on Friday afternoon. Beaches with water that have an instantaneous standard of not greater than 104 enterococci/100 ml and a geometric mean standard of not greater than 35 enterococci/100 ml are considered safe for swimming. Beaches that test above those standards considered polluted and an advisory is issued to the public regarding swimming in the area.

For more information on the Recreational Waters Pollution Report, see the Frequently Asked Questions. Detailed information on each of the sampling sites can be found on the Sampling Location Information page. This site also contains an Archive of previous reports.

The Current Beach Report is uploaded every Friday. For more information about the Recreational Waters Pollution Report call the Monitoring Program at 300-4789, or email Annie Leon Guerrero.

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