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Solid Waste Permits

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Forms for Permits by Solid Waste Program

Complete Permit Name Short Name
Solid Waste Collection Permit Collection Get form
Solid Waste Disposal Plan Disposal Get form
Solid Waste Hardfill Permit Hardfill Get form
Solid Waste Processing Permit Processing Get form
Solid Waste Storage Permit Storage Get form
Solid Waste Transfer Permit Transfer Get form

Information about Specific Permits

Many different solid waste operations must have multiple permits depending on their type of operation. Guam EPA has the authority to issue these permits as they follow federal and local laws. All permit applications must follow the guidelines set by the Guam Solid Waste Disposal Rules and Regulations.

Landfills, Hardfills and other Solid Waste Disposal Permits

All solid waste must be disposed of at a facility permitted by Guam EPA for the proper activity. For example, a facility permitted to take only hardfill material can’t accept municipal solid waste in addition to hardfill material. Permits for Solid Waste disposal are very through and complex as they are based on local and federal mandates.

Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Permit Guan EPA has only issued one Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Facility permit in the Agency’s history. The permit was issued in 2011 to open and operate the public landfill in Dandan, Inarajan. The permitting process for this type of facility includes multiple requirements including site assessments, financial assurances, scientific studies, engineering and designs and a public commenting period if the permit application is completed. The application for a municipal solid waste landfill facility is outlined in the Solid Waste Disposal Rules and Regulations.

Hardfill Facility A hardfill is intended to take green waste and different types of construction debris. Currently there is only one permitted hardfill facility in Guam, Primos Northern Hardfill in Yigo on the backroad to Andersen Air Force Base. Hardfill sites should not be located in residential areas, flood hazard areas, wetlands, or sites where building construction is proposed. There have been hard fills permitted in abandoned quarries.

Solid Waste Processing

There are multiple types of solid waste processing covered by this permit. One type of processing is the collection and dismantling of automobiles and similar bulk solid waste for the eventual recovery of semi-precious metals. These metals and other goods are salvaged to be sold at recycling facilities off-island. A key element of this type of permit is the location of the permit. This type of activity should not be in a residential area and there has been an effort to locate all such activities only in industrial zones or intensity districts. In most cases, this will involve the Guam Land Use Commission (GLUC) for a zone change request.

Solid Waste Storage Permit

A Solid Waste Storage Permit is required for individuals or businesses that temporarily store solid waste. This permit allows the temporary storage of vehicles, vehicle parts, appliances, and metals. The amount of material and length of storage period allowed in the permit is determined by the Administrator on a case-by-case basis.

Solid Waste Collection Permit

A Solid Waste Collection Permit is required by any business which transports solid waste over the roadways of Guam. Individuals who haul their personal waste to a Guam EPA licensed disposal facility, like a transfer station, do not need this permit.

Solid Waste Transfer Permit

A Solid Waste Transfer Permit is required for any business that accepts solid waste, but temporarly stores it while waiting to transport it to another permitted solid waste management facility. The Transfer Permit allows for the temporary storage of waste but has limitations regarding the amount of material and the length of storage time. These pemermits are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Administrator.

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