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Guam EPA to host more than 120 people for emergency response training sessions

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Guam EPA to host more than 120 people for emergency response training sessions

The Guam Environmental Protection Agency (Guam EPA) yesterday began a set of courses focusing on emergency response and hazardous materials for responders and government agencies.

Classes include air monitoring, confined space training, safe transportation of hazardous material, and how to handle situations involving chlorine and other potentially hazardous materials. A total of 23 people attended the first day of the two-day class focusing on air monitoring. Classes will continue through Friday, Sept. 26.

“This type of training is critical for our emergency responders so they can safely and competently respond to situations involving potentially hazardous materials,” said Guam EPA Administrator Eric M. Palacios. “The more we train for responding to emergency situations, the better we can respond. This type of training helps us protect human health and the environment when it matters the most, during times of crisis.”

Representatives from Guam EPA, the Guam Fire Department, Guam Police Department, the Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation, the Guam International Airport Authority and Guam Waterworks Authority will be attending the trainings.

Hazardous materials are regulated by local and federal law, including the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know (EPCRA) Act. EPCRA also mandates reporting and labeling of hazardous materials to assist responders when they arrive on scene.

The grant providing the classes is being managed by Guam EPA through Guam EPA’s Green Parcel Program.

For more information about the grant or Guam EPA’s emergency response capabilities, contact Tammy Jo Anderson Taft at 300-4761/988-7582 or email TammyJoAnderson.Taft@epa.guam.gov.

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