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Guam EPA’s 2012 highlights and 2013 goals

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Guam EPA’s 2012 highlights and 2013 goals

Guam EPA has compiled highlights of the Agency’s work in 2012 and prepared a set of goals to complete in 2013.

2012 Highlights

Guam EPA compiled highlights of work and accomplishments the agency is proud of completing in 2012 as the Guam EPA family strive for excellence in service:

  • 1.Brought three staff into the Solid Waste Management Program to bring permits and inspections up to date and handle complaints.
  • 2.Coordinated multiple cleanups including an underwater dive cleanup at Agat and assisting with the International Coastal Cleanup.
  • 3.Streamlined key areas of the permitting process within the water division.
  • 4.Completed tree planting and assessments to continue restoration and monitoring work in the Ugum Watershed
  • 5.Coordinated more than 30 activities through the Environmental Education Committee during April
  • 6.Offered multiple trainings for members of the regulated community including training about EPCRA, Underground Storage Tanks and Water and Wastewater operations.
  • 7.Partnered with other organizations to improve the government’s response to management of stormwater and erosion control
  • 8.Received more than $400,000 in funding to continue the BEACH watch program
  • 9.Assisted DPW in federally-funding disposal of an orphan radiation source in their compound. Assisted in finding federal funding for disposing of approximately 5,000 gallons of PCB-laden oil and soil. Also worked on getting radiation monitoring equipment for the island.
  • 10.Increased the amount of Voluntary Compliance agreements with various regulated entities.
  • 11.Filed a civil suit against Joseph Taitano to recover some of the cost for damages done to the environment and government expenses in responding to his illegal dump site.

2013 Goals

Guam Environmental Protection Agency has set the following goals to complete in 2013:

  • 1.Increase Guam’s recycling rate by 3 percentage points.
  • 2.Further contribute to the economic development of the island by continually streamlining the application review and permit issuance processes, while protecting and preserving our environment and precious resources.
  • 3.Continue to enhance capabilities of other agencies by funding critical training for their staff in areas where areas of jurisdiction overlap.
  • 4.Forge stronger ties with mayors’ offices through MOUs that address littering and solid waste.
  • 5.Continue with the rebranding campaign to include replacing/updating signage, permit forms, ect.
  • 6.Add critical staff to address key shortages
  • 7.Continue the high rate of voluntary compliance cases and expand the concept to other programs. This method of closing a case helps reduce the amount of staff time as customers come into compliance with the law, and staff create a relationship with the customer to ensure they completely understand Guam EPA’s rules and regulations that apply to their operations. This method also reduces the amount of time spent in appeal hearings because the NOV/OC is closed quickly.
  • 8.Offer training and cross training to staff. This includes offering citation training, office software training and cross-program trainings.
  • 9.Continue work to implement bottle bill
  • 10.Process all permits and deal with issues related to permits in a timely fashion
  • 11.Host the 17th annual Pacific Island Environment Conference for environmental managers from around the region and the U.S.
  • 12.Continue to lead the Environmental Education Committee and help coordinate the Tano, Tasi and Hanom groups. This group will plan environmental events for families throughout 2013 including offering family field trips and Earth Day activities.

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