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Environmental Law

All Living Things Of The Earth Are One • Manunu Todu I Manlåla’la’

The majority of Guam EPA’s legal authority is rooted in volume 10 of the Guam Code Annotated. The following is a list of the main chapters codified in Guam law that give this authority and responsibility to Guam EPA.

The Guam Environmental Protection Act

Chapter 45 Guam Code Annotated
  • Creates and states the policy, purpose, powers, duties, rules and regulations and other operating mandates.
  • Creates the Board of Directors consisting of nine members appointed by the Governor. Board members serve a term of three years.
  • Outlines the Guam Environmental Trust Fund that is used to clean up, restore and repair damage done to the environment.

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Environmental Regulations

Many states and the U.S. federal system rely on regulations to enforce environmental law. For example, the law may state you can’t dump toxic substances in the river. Regulations are put in place so any company collecting toxic substances must do it properly and not dump it in the river. Permits are issued under guidance from the regulations and those permits are enforced by Guam EPA to ensure permitted entities follow rules and regulations so the law is not broken. Regulations are a key component to enforcing environmental law and protecting natural resources.

Most of Guam EPA’s regulations are found in Title 22 of the Guam Administrative Rules and Regulations (GARR). The following is a short list of the main chapters of GARR that give a framework for Guam EPA to follow.

Guam Primary and Secondary Safe Drinking Water Regulations (Guam Public Law 35-115) PLEASE NOTE: the version of these regulations currently available from the Supreme Court of Guam Compiler of Laws website is an older, incorrect version. Please refer only to the copy available from this web page until the official edition is replaced by the Compiler of Laws.

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