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Drinking Water Laws

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About the Water and Waste Water Operator’s Mandatory Certification Act

Chapter 52 Guam Code Annotated
  • Requires any personnel of public or private potable water supply systems or waste water facilities to be certified. The certification is meant to ensure the operators are competent to supervise the operation of such systems.
  • Authorizes the Administrator to issue certifications for qualified individuals to operate potable water supply and waste water systems.
  • Outlines civil and criminal penalties for those who attempt to operate any potable water supply or waste water system without certification.

About the Safe Drinking Water Act

Chapter 53 Guam Code Annotated
  • Authorizes Guam EPA to perform all acts necessary to carry out the Act, including participating in training programs, receiving financial and technial assistance from the Federal Government, and establishing and collecting fees for conducting reviews, inspections and lab analysis.
  • Gives Guam EPA the authority to make inspections necessary to ensure compliance with this Act.
  • Sets Drinking Water Standards in which maximum contaminant levels for primary drinking water should be at a level which no known or anticipated adverse effects on human health occur and allow an adequate margin of safety.
  • Also requires Guam’s secondary drinking water regulations to be at least as stringent in terms of contaminant level as the national secondary drinking water regulations.
  • Gives Guam EPA the authority to make and enforce regulations regarding cross-connection and back flow prevention controls.
  • Requires all laboratories performing tests and analysis required for public water systems, have a certificate issued by Guam EPA that the lab is competent to conduct such tests.
  • If the Administrator determines there is substantial danger to the public, the Agency is authorized to issue a necessary order to protect the health of people using the water system.
  • Requires the Agency to develop a plan for safe drinking water under emergency circumstances.

About the Guam Lead Ban Act

Chapter 53A Guam Code Annotated
  • Prohibits the use of lead pipes, lead solder or any flux that has lead in the public water system or any residential plumbing.
  • Prohibits the importation of lead pipes, except pipe used in manufacturing or industrial use.
  • Allows for the inspection of inbound cargo to ensure no illegal lead pipes arrive on the island.
  • Requires a clearance from Guam EPA to ensure only lead free materials were used in new buildings before a building permit clearance is given. This type of compliance is also required for an occupancy permit.
  • Establishes the Safe Drinking Water Fund to administer the Safe Drinking Water Program and ensure compliance with the law.

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