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Hazardous Waste Laws

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About the Solid Waste Management and Litter Control Act

Chapter 51 Guam Code Annotated
  • Parts of the Solid Waste Act govern hazardous waste activities including permits for hazardous waste disposal and hazardous waste on the public highways.
  • This law also makes it illegal to knowingly make a false statements in hazardous waste applications, labels, records, permits or other documents.

About the Underground Storage of Regulated Substances Act

Chapter 76 Guam Code Annotated
  • Identifies underground storage tanks (USTs) used to store regulated substances are potential sources of contamination of the ground, ground water, marine waters and possibly pose other dangers to public health and the environment.
  • Establishes a program to prevent contamination from USTs.
  • Establishes an orderly procedure to constructing and maintaining USTs to meet standards.
  • Designates Guam EPA as Guam’s official representative of Subtitle I of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).
  • Requires owners or operators of USTs to maintain systems to identify releases and maintain records about the tank.
  • Also requires the operator to notify Guam EPA about any releases.
  • Authorizes the Agency to stop a release from a UST if the owner or operator does not take immediate action to stop the release.

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