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All Living Things Of The Earth Are One • Manunu Todu I Manlåla’la’

As of December 17, 2021

Thank you for your interest in working for the Guam Environmental Protection Agency (Guam EPA).

When you are ready to apply, CLICK HERE to access an application form.

Applications can be emailed to: connie.aflleje@epa.guam.gov

Limited Term Vacancies are listed below:

PositionPaygradeAnnual SalaryPosition Sepcifications Link
Administrative AssistantJ$31,076Administrative Assistant
BiologistK$33,911Biologist I
Environmental Health Specialist L$37,100Environmental Health Specialist I
Environmental InspectorH$26,520Environmental Inspector I
Environmental TechnicianH$26,520Environmental Technician I
Engineer (Environmental)L$37,100Engineer I (Environmental)
Planner K$33,911Planner I
Chemist K$33,911Chemist I

Please consider the following when applying for any of these positions:

  1. When applying, please indicate which position you wish to apply for
  2. These positions are for full-time employment with the Government of Guam working at Guam EPA, with benefits for up to one (1) year only.
  3. Employment may not lead to permanent status.
  4. Employment during the year is based upon performance and availability of funding under a federal grant.
  5. Applicants must meet the minimum qualification and educational requirements as stated in the job announcement; if no educational requirement is stated, then a copy of high school diploma or transcript indicating graduation from an recognized accredited institution, or equivalent is minimally required.
  6. When filling out the Work Experience portion of the job application form, please include your specific duties performed, the number of hours you worked per week, and indicate in the From and To dates of employment, the month and a year of your employment.  You may attach your resume instead of filling out the Work Experience portion of the job application form as long as it includes the aforementioned information.
  7. Benefits include: annual leave, sick leave, paid holidays, retirement (Defined Contribution Plan 401a and 457), health insurance, and life insurance (subject to eligibility).
  8. If selected, new hires must provide the following (items a. and b. to Guam EPA,  and item c. to the Department of Administration HR Division upon employee processing)

a. Police and Court Clearances that are no older than 30 days from the date of being notified of being selected.

b. Official proof to verify identity and work eligibility as indicated in the Employment Eligibility Verification I-9 form.