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Agency Structure

Administration of the Agency

Guam EPA is a semi-autonomous agency of the Government of Guam. The Agency’s Board of Directors are appointed by the Governor. The Board of Directors then serve three-year terms and establish policies for the Agency. The Board meets approximately once a month and meetings are open to the public.

By law, the Guam EPA Board of Directors also serve as an appellate body. Any citizen who believes he or she has been aggrieved by an action or decision of the Guam EPA Administrator can request a hearing before the Board.

Structure of the Agency

Guam EPA has five divisions that carry out the mission and vision of the Agency.
These divisions include:

For a complete staffing pattern for the Agency please visit the Government of Guam’s staffing pattern.

Programs within the Divisions

Each division includes separate programs. Each program has a specific area of expertise and focus.The programs include:

Air and Land Division

Environmental Monitoring and Analytical Division

Water Division

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