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Hazardous Waste

All Living Things Of The Earth Are One • Manunu Todu I Manlåla’la’

About the Program

Responsibilities established by law

Federal law Hazardous waste is considered any waste that can be dangerous or potentially harmful to human health or the environment. The Hazardous Waste program originated in 1965 with the federal Solid Waste Disposal Act. In 1976, the United States passed the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, commonly known as RCRA, which split Hazardous Waste and Solid Waste into two distinct areas. This law gave U.S. EPA greater ability to regulate hazardous waste from “cradle-to-grave.”

Local mandates In December 1998, Public Law 24-64 created the Hazardous Waste Management Program. This program was created to protect Guam’s environment from potentially dangerous and harmful chemicals. This includes liquids, storage facilities for hazardous waste and other areas. Many of the areas this program focuses on match federal mandates established for other states and territories, for example working with Underground Storage Tanks (UST)s or shipping hazardous materials.

In the field

This program does routine inspections of Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) and inspections of other permitted facilities. The Hazardous Waste Program also responds to hazardous waste spills and other emergency situations.

Elements of the Program


The Program is responsible for permitting hazardous waste collection and treatment, storage, and disposal facilities. In addition, the Hazardous Waste Program is responsible for inspecting, monitoring compliance, enforcement and overseeing corrective action for all hazardous waste-related activities. This includes underground storage tanks, CERCLA, TSCA (specifically PCBs) and emergency response (Public Record Post Date: 07/7/2016).

Pursuant to the Energy Policy Act of 2005: Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) – as of September 30, 2022

Maintaining Underground Storage Tanks is a key component to protecting the environment from hazardous waste. This program publishes information about USTs located in Guam.

  • Total Number of UST Facilities: 128
  • Total Number of USTs: 304
  • Total Number Of Federally Regulated USTs: 241 

Summary Information for On-Site Inspections

  • Number of UST Facilities Inspected:            56
  • Inspection Periods:                                        10/01/21 – 09/30/22
  • Percent Compliance (Combined Measure): 0%

Tank, facility, and on-site inspection information is based on tanks regulated under 40 CFR 280 and Title 10 Guam Code Annotated, Chapter 76. On-site inspections measure compliance with technical compliance rate performance measure, which covers spill prevention, overfill, corrosion protection, and release detection compliance. 

UST Releases Summary

  • Number of Confirmed Releases: 0
  • Release Reporting Dates:            10/01/21 – 09/30/22

Guam UST Universe – September 2022:

Permit NumberFacility NameAddressCityOwnerTank Capacity/SubstanceDate InstalledFacility
GEPA038Former Martinez Service StationLot 10 Block 1 Tract 109 BarrigadaBarrigadaMartinez IncorporatedT1-8000 Gas
T2- 8000 Gas
T3-8000 Gas
January 1, 1999Gas Station
GEPA043Tumon Bay Capital Hotel1448 Pale SanVitores StreetTamuningTai Shan Investment Co. Inc.T1-1000 DieselDecember 1, 1991Commercial
GEPA-UST-001AAFES Service StationBldg. 26104 Carolines Avenue
YigoAndersen AFBT1-10000 Gas
T2-10000 Gas
T3-10000 Gas
T4-10000 Gas
June 1, 1994Gas Station
GEPA-UST-002Tanguisson Beach Cable StationRoute 34 Tanguisson Beach RoadDededoAT&T Global Communication Services IncorporatedT1-8000 Diesel
T2-8000 Diesesl
T3-8000 Diesel
July 1, 1993Utilities
GEPA-UST-003Tumon Bay Cable Station1169 North Marine Corps DriveTamuningAT&T Global Communication Services IncorporatedT1-12000 Diesel
T2-12000 Diesel
September 1, 1991Utilities
GEPA-UST-004Bank of Guam111 Chalan Santo PapaHagatnaBank of GuamT1-6000 DieselMay 1, 1988Commercial
GEPA-UST-005Bank of Hawaii134 West Soledad AvenueHagatnaBank of Hawaii - AganaT1-6000 DieselJanuary 1, 1974Commercial
GEPA-UST-006Black Construction CorporationJL Baker StreetHarmonBlack Construction CorporationT1-550 Used OilIndustrial
GEPA-UST-007Car's Plus Maite648 Purple Heart highway, Rt. 8MaiteCar's Plus, LLCT1-1000 OWSDecember 1, 2007Auto Dealership
GEPA-UST-008DNA, Inc.238 AFC Flores Street Ste 301HagatnaDNA, Inc.T1-4000 DieselNovember 1, 1999Commercial
GEPA-UST-009GCIC BUILDING414 W. Soledad Ave. Ste 500HagatnaGUAM CAPITAL INVESTMENT CORP (GCIC)T1-4000 DieselFebruary 1, 1994Commercial
GEPA-UST-010Guam International Country Club495 Battulo StreetDededoJapan Golf Management Company, LtdT1-6000 Gas
T2-8000 Diesel
T3-2500 Gas
July 1, 1994Commercial
GEPA-UST-011Barrigada Post Office, GMF489 Route 16BarrigadaUS POSTAL SERVICET1-4000 DieselJuly 1, 1991Federal Non-Military
GEPA-UST-012The Home Depot #1710295 Chalan PasaheruTamuningHOME DEPOT U.S.A., INCORPORATED c/o 3E CompanyT1-12000 DieselJune 1, 2007Commercial
GEPA-UST-014LADERA TOWERS310 Ladera LaneMangilaoLTA LLC dba Ladera TowerT1-4000 DieselJanuary 1, 1994Commercial
GEPA-UST-015Leo Palace Resort - Booster Pump Station221 Lakeview DriveYonaLeoPalace Guam Corporation dba LeoPalace ResortT1-4000 DieselAugust 1, 1991Utilities
GEPA-UST-016McDonald's of Hagatna#389 Route #4HagatnaJCA Guam LLC dba McDonald's of GuamT1-1000 DieselJuly 1, 1990Other
GEPA-UST-017McDonald's of Harmon#1901 Route #16HarmonJCA Guam LLC dba McDonald's of GuamT1-2500 DieselApril 1, 1991Other
GEPA-UST-018McDonald's of Tamuning#185 South Marine Corps DriveTamuningJCA Guam LLC dba McDonald's of GuamT1-1000 DieselNovember 1, 1992Other
GEPA-UST-019Micronesia MallCorner of Route 1 and Route 16, Suite 1
1088 West Marine Corps Drive, Suite 214
DededoGoodwind Development CorporationT1-4000 Diesel
T2-10000 Diesel
December 31, 1998Commercial
GEPA-UST-020Adelup Service Station (Mobil)490 Chorito Blvd.
Marine Drive Route 1
HagatnaMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-8000 Gas
T2-6000 Gas
T3-4000 Diesel
June 1, 1989Gas Station
GEPA-UST-021Agana Service Station (Mobil)B-230 Route 4HagatnaMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-6000 Gas
T2-8000 Gas
January 1, 1990Gas Station
GEPA-UST-022Agat Inn on the Bay Service Station (Mobil)854 North Route 2AgatMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-6000 Gas
T2-10000 Gas
T3-1000 Gas
January 1, 1985Gas Station
GEPA-UST-023Airport Service Station (Mobil)Bldg 101 Chalan PasaheruTamuningMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-10000 Gas
T2-5000 Diesel
T3-10000 Gas
T4-10000 Gas
T5-5000 Diesel
October 1, 1998Gas Station
GEPA-UST-025Anigua Service Station (Mobil)Bldg 752 Marine Corps DriveAniguaMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-5000 Diesel
T2-10000 Gas
T3-5000 Gas
July 1, 1992Gas Station
GEPA-UST-026Apra Heights Service Station (Mobil)Bldg 547 Santa Rita DriveSanta RitaMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-10000 Gas
T2-1000 Gas
December 1, 2017Gas Station
GEPA-UST-027Barrigada Heights Service Station (Mobil)Bldg 1116 Route 16BarrigadaMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-10000 Gas
T2-6000 Gas
T3-6000 Gas
June 1, 1996Gas Station
GEPA-UST-030East Agana Service Station (Mobil)Bldg 620 East Marine Corps DriveHagatnaMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-10000 Gas
T2-10000 Gas
T3-10000 Diesel
October 1, 2019Gas Station
GEPA-UST-032Fatima Service Station (Mobil)614 Marine Corps DriveDededoMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-10000 Gas
T2-10000 Gas
T3-5000 Diesel
T4-5000 Diesel
April 1, 1996Gas Station
GEPA-UST-037Holiday Resort & Spa Guam881 Pale San Vitores RoadTamuningHoliday Resort GuamT1-4000 DieselFebruary 1, 1996Commercial
GEPA-UST-039Ipan Service Station (Mobil)251 North Chalan Antigo Street, Route 4IpanMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-4000 Gas
T2-4000 Gas
March 1, 1987Gas Station
GEPA-UST-041Liguan Service Station (Mobil)Bldg 479 Fatima StreetDededoMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-7000 Gas
T2-8000 Gas
T3-15000 Gas
May 5, 2006Gas Station
GEPA-UST-042Maite Service Station (Mobil)Bldg 860 WEST RTE 4BarrigadaMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-10000 Gas
T2-10000 Gas
T3-10000 Gas
T4-10000 Diesel
July 1, 1995Gas Station
GEPA-UST-043Mangilao Service Station (Mobil)493 South Route 10MangilaoMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-12000 Gas
T2-6000 Gas
T3-6000 Diesel
April 1, 1989Gas Station
GEPA-UST-045Onward Agana Beach Resort445 Governor Carlos G. Camacho RoadTamuningOnward Beach Resort Guam, Inc.T1-4000 Diesel
T2-1000 Diesel
T3-6000 Diesel 9/95
June 1, 1995Commercial
GEPA-UST-049Sinajana Service Station (Mobil)Bldg 118 Chalan Canton TutujanSinajanaMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-6000 Diesel
T2-15000 Gas
T3-8000 Gas
May 1, 1995Gas Station
GEPA-UST-051Tamuning Service Station (Mobil)Bldg 706 South Marine Corps DriveTamuningMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-8000 Gas
T2-12000 Gas
T3-6000 Diesel
May 1, 1990Gas Station
GEPA-UST-052Upper Tumon Service Station (Mobil)422 North Marine Corps DriveTamuningMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-10000 Diesel
T2-10000 Gas
T3-10000 Gas
April 1, 1996Gas Station
GEPA-UST-054Yigo McDonalds Service Station (Mobil)214 Chalan Pale Ramon Haya, Route 1YigoMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-10000 Gas
T2-10000 Gas
T3-10000 Gas
T4-10000 Diesel
October 1, 1996Gas Station
GEPA-UST-055Yigo Perez Acres Service Station (Mobil)465 North Marine Corps DriveYigoMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-8000 Gas
T2-10000 Gas
T3-10000 Diesel
August 1, 2018Gas Station
GEPA-UST-056Yona Service Station (Mobil)1552 North Kanton Tasi StreetYonaMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-6000 Gas
T2-8000 Gas
T3-6000 Diesel
T4-8000 Gas
August 1, 1994Gas Station
GEPA-UST-057Ysengsong Service Station (Mobil)Bldg 240 East Marine Corps DriveDededoMOBIL OIL GUAM INC.T1-12000 Gas
T2-4000 Diesel
T3-12000 Gas
T4-8000 Gas
July 1, 2003Gas Station
GEPA-UST-058Nissan Upper Tumon1012 North Marine Corps DriveTamuningNissan Motor Corporation in GuamT1-4000 Gas
T2-1000 Used Oil
August 1, 2016Auto Dealership
GEPA-UST-059Oka Towers CondominiumSuite 1514, 162 Western BlvdTamuningOka Towers Condominium Homeowners AssociationT1-1000 DieselJanuary 1, 1989Residential
GEPA-UST-060Onward Mangilao Golf Club1810 Route 15 PagatMangilaoOnward Golf Resort Guam, Inc. dba OTGCT1-550 Used OilDecember 1, 1991Other
GEPA-UST-061Onward Talofofo Golf Club825 Route 4ATalofofoOnward Golf Resort Guam, Inc. dba OTGCT1-4000 Diesel
T2-1000 Gas
T3-1000 Gas
T4-1000 Diesel
T5-500 Used Oil
December 1, 1992Other
GEPA-UST-062Pacific Islands Club Guam210 Pale San Vitores RoadTamuningGuam & Guam, Inc. dba Pacific Islands Club GuamT1-4000 Diesel
T2-4000 Diesel
July 1, 1985Other
GEPA-UST-063REFLECTIONS CENTER222 Chalan Santa Papa, Suite 304HagatnaREFLECTION CENTER OWNERS ASSN.T1-550 DieselJanuary 1, 1989Commercial
GEPA-UST-064Alupang Beach Club (IP&E)997 South Marine DriveTamuningIP&E Holdings, LLC dba IP&E Guam, IncoporatedT1-4000 GasDecember 1, 1991Commercial
GEPA-UST-065Shell Barrigada BK (IP&E)446 West Route 8BarrigadaIP&E Holdings, LLC dba IP&E Guam, IncoporatedT1-4000 Gas
T2-4000 Gas
T3-4000 Diesel
T4-4000 Gas
T5-4000 Gas
December 1, 1988Gas Station
GEPA-UST-066Shell Chalan Pago (IP&E)160 North Chalan Kanton Tasi, Route 4Chalan PagoIP&E Holdings, LLC dba IP&E Guam, IncoporatedT1-8000 Gas
T2-8000 Gas
T3-4000 Diesel
November 1, 1998Gas Station
GEPA-UST-067Shell Dededo (IP&E)184 East Marine Corps DriveDededoIP&E Holdings, LLC dba IP&E Guam, IncoporatedT1-4000 Diesel
T2-4000 Gas
T3-12000 Gas
December 1, 2004Gas Station
GEPA-UST-068Shell Hagatna (IP&E)380 East Marine Corps Drive, ROUTE 1HagatnaIP&E Holdings, LLC dba IP&E Guam, IncoporatedT1-12000 Gas
T2-6000 Gas
T3-4000 Diesel
May 1, 2005Gas Station
GEPA-UST-146Shell Foodys Harmon (IP&E)1779 Route 16TamuningIP&E Holdings, LLC dba IP&E Guam, IncoporatedT1-8000 Gas
T2-8000 Gas
T3-8000 Gas
T4-8000 Diesel
January 1, 2018Gas Station
GEPA-UST-070Hotel Nikko Guam (IP&E)245 Gun Beach RoadTamuningT1-4000 Diesel
T2-4000 Diesel
December 1, 1991Commercial
GEPA-UST-071Shell Mangilao (IP&E)480 South Route 10MangilaoIP&E Holdings, LLC dba IP&E Guam, IncoporatedT1-8000 Gas
T2-8000 Gas
January 1, 1989Gas Station
GEPA-UST-072Shell NCS (IP&E)1822 NCS, FinegayanDededoIP&E Holdings, LLC dba IP&E Guam, IncoporatedT1-4000 Diesel
T2-4000 Gas
T3-8000 Gas
January 1, 2002Gas Station
GEPA-UST-140Shell NTI MM - Upper Tumon1355 Route 1
North Marine Corps Drive, upper Tumon
TamuningIP&E Holdings, LLC dba IP&E Guam, IncoporatedT1-10000 Gas
T2-10000 Gas
T3-8000 Gas
T4-8000 Diesel
March 1, 2014Gas Station
GEPA-UST-073Onward Mangilao Golf Course (IP&E)1810 Route 15, PagatMangilaoIP&E Holdings, LLC dba IP&E Guam, IncoporatedT1-2500 Diesel
T2-4000 Gas
December 1, 1991Gas Station
GEPA-UST-075Shell Tamuning (IP&E)180 Chalan San Antonio, Route 14TamuningIP&E Holdings, LLC dba IP&E Guam, IncoporatedT1-12000 Gas
T2-12000 Gas
T3-12000 Gas
December 1, 1991Gas Station
GEPA-UST-076Shell Tiyan (IP&E)111 Tiyan, Route 10BarrigadaIP&E Holdings, LLC dba IP&E Guam, IncoporatedT1-4000 Gas
T2-8000 Gas
July 1, 2002Gas Station
GEPA-UST-077Shell Tumon (IP&E)280 North Marine Corps Drive, Route 1TamuningIP&E Holdings, LLC dba IP&E Guam, IncoporatedT1-8000 Gas
T2-4000 Diesel
T3-8000 Gas
T4-8000 Gas
December 1, 1989Gas Station
GEPA-UST-078Shell Yigo (IP&E)214 Chalan Pale Ramon Haya, ROUTE 1YigoIP&E Holdings, LLC dba IP&E Guam, IncoporatedT1-8000 Gas
T2-12000 Gas
T3-6000 Diesel
December 1, 1994Gas Station
GEPA-UST-079Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort470 Farenholt AvenueTamuningT1-6000 Diesel
T2-6000 Diesel
November 30, 1989Hotel
GEPA-UST-080Hyatt Regency Guam (SPPC)115 San Vitores RoadTamuningSouth Pacific Petroleum CorporationT1-10000 Diesel
T2-10000 Diesel
April 1, 1993Commercial
GEPA-UST-081Leo Palace Resort (SPPC)Mannengon HillsYonaSouth Pacific Petroleum CorporationT1-1000 LPG
T2-1000 LPG
T3-500 LPG
T4-6000 Gas
T5-6000 Diesel
September 1, 1992Commercial
GEPA-UST-083Lufthansa Service (LSG) (SPPC)166 Guerrero Street
Harmon Industrial Park
TamuningSouth Pacific Petroleum CorporationT1-2500 DieselSeptember 1, 1993Commercial
GEPA-UST-084SPPC 76 Agat StationRoute 2
Lot 33-1-1-1 & Lot 33-1-2-1 Agat
AgatSouth Pacific Petroleum CorporationT1-10000 Gas
T2-8000 Diesel
T3-12000 Gas
November 1, 1994Gas Station
GEPA-UST-085SPPC 76 Airport StationIntersections of Route 1 and 10ATamuningSouth Pacific Petroleum CorporationT1-10000 Gas
T2-8000 Diesel
T3-12000 Gas
September 1, 1994Gas Station
GEPA-UST-086SPPC 76 Anigua StationRoute 1AniguaSouth Pacific Petroleum CorporationT1-12000 Gas
T2-10000 Diesel
T3-12000 Gas
April 1, 1992Gas Station
GEPA-UST-087SPPC 76 Barrigada StationIntersections of Route 8 and 10BarrigadaSouth Pacific Petroleum CorporationT1-10000 Diesel
T2-12000 Gas
T3-12000 Gas
March 1, 1992Gas Station
GEPA-UST-088SPPC 76 Cabras StationCabras Road, Route 11
Lot 2 Lot 3A Tract 245 Cabras Island
PitiSouth Pacific Petroleum CorporationT1-4000 GasNovember 1, 1991Gas Station
GEPA-UST-089SPPC 76 Dededo StationRoute 1DededoSouth Pacific Petroleum CorporationT1-10000 Diesel
T2-12000 Gas
T3-12000 Gas
March 1, 1990Gas Station
GEPA-UST-090SPPC 76 Malojloj StationRoute 4InarajanSouth Pacific Petroleum CorporationT1-6000 Diesel
T2-8000 Gas
T3-8000 Gas
April 1, 1992Gas Station
GEPA-UST-091SPPC 76 Ocean Vista StationIntersections of Route 10A and 16BarrigadaSouth Pacific Petroleum CorporationT1-12000 Gas
T2-12000 Gas
T3-10000 Diesel
August 1, 1992Gas Station
GEPA-UST-092SPPC 76 Piti Station396 Marine Corps DrivePitiSouth Pacific Petroleum CorporationT1-6000 Gas
T2-3000 Gas
January 1, 2010Gas Station
GEPA-UST-093SPPC 76 Sinajana StationRoute 4SinajanaSouth Pacific Petroleum CorporationT1-12000 Gas
T2-10000 Diesel
T3-12000 Gas
October 1, 1991Gas Station
GEPA-UST-094SPPC 76 Ypao StationIntersections of Route 1 and 10BTamuningSouth Pacific Petroleum CorporationT1-12000 Gas
T2-12000 Gas
T3-4000 Diesel
August 1, 1990Gas Station
GEPA-UST-095Paradisu Estates (SPPC)Cross Island Road Route 4ATalofofoSouth Pacific Petroleum CorporationT1-1000 LPG May 1, 2009Residential
GEPA-UST-096Talo Verde EstatesYpao RoadTamuningSouth Pacific Petroleum CorporationT1-1000 LPG
T2-1000 LPG
January 1, 2008Residential
GEPA-UST-097NEX NCTAMS WestPac AutoportBuilding 303 Bullard Avenue, NCTAMSDededoU.S. Naval Forces MarianasT1-8000 Gas
T2-5000 Gas
T3-4000 Gas
June 1, 1997Gas Station
GEPA-UST-099University of GuamUOG StationMangilaoGovernment of GuamT1-4000 Diesel
T2-2500 Diesel
T3-2500 Diesel
May 10, 1901State Government
GEPA-UST-100East West Business Center744 North Marine Dr.TamuningEAST WEST BUSINESS CENTERT1-2500 Diesel
T2-1000 Diesel
November 1, 1995Commercial
GEPA-UST-101Pacific Star Resort & Spa627B Pale San Vitores RoadTamuningMarianas Properties LLCT1-15000 Diesel
T2-15000 Diesel
December 1, 1986Commercial
GEPA-UST-102Docomo Pacific - Agana173 Aspinall AvenueHagatnaDocomo PacificT1-2500 DieselFebruary 1, 1994Utilities
GEPA-UST-103Docomo Pacific - YonaLot # 177-1 Pulantat
570 Chalan Teloforo
YonaDocomo PacificT1-8000 Diesel August 1, 1998Utilities
GEPA-UST-104Triple J Enterprises, Inc.470 N. Marine Corps DriveTamuningTriple J Enterprise, IncorporatedT1-2500 Diesel
T2-1000 Used Oil
December 1, 2005Auto Dealership
GEPA-UST-105MVP Business ComplexT232 B21122, Sinijana
777 Route 4
SinajanaMark V. Pangilinan EnterprisesT1-1000 DieselCommercial
GEPA-UST-106GTA Mangilao RemoteIntersection of Route 10 & Route 15
110 Dairy Road
MangilaoTeleGuam Holdings, LLC. GTA TeleGuamT1-1200 DieselNovember 1, 1989Utilities
GEPA-UST-107GTA Tumon Central Office624 N. Marine Corps DriveTamuningTeleGuam Holdings, LLC. GTA TeleGuamT1-6000 DieselJune 1, 1986Utilities
GEPA-UST-108GTA Agana Central OfficeIntersection of Route 4 & West O'Brien Drive
241 Martyr Street
HagatnaTeleGuam Holdings, LLC. GTA TeleGuamT1-4000 DieselMay 1, 2000Utilities
GEPA-UST-109GTA Dededo Central OfficeIntersection of Route 1 & Route 27
344 West Marine Corps Drive
DededoTeleGuam Holdings, LLC. GTA TeleGuamT1-4000 DieselJune 1, 1986Utilities
GEPA-UST-110AAFES Gas Station & KIOSK430 Army DriveBarrigadaGuam Army National GuardT1-10000 Gas
T2-15000 Gas
April 1, 2010Gas Station
GEPA-UST-111Guam Judicial Center120 West O'BrienHagatnaGovernment of GuamT1-4000 DieselJanuary 1, 1990Local Government
GEPA-UST-113Agana Beach CondominiumLot No. 2121-1-4 Tamuning
125 Dungca Beach Road
TamuningAgana Beach Condominium Homeowners AssociationT1-4000 DieselDecember 1, 1992Commercial
GEPA-UST-114Coast 360 Federal Credit Union450 Route 8MaiteCoast 360 Federal Credit UnionT1-2500 DieselMarch 1, 2010Commercial
GEPA-UST-115Villa Kanton Tasi Condominium301 Frank Cushing WayTamuningVilla Kanton Tasi Homeowners AssociationT1-2500 DieselFebruary 6, 2001Residential
GEPA-UST-116Agat New SPS 1Route 2 (beside STP)AgatGovernment of GuamT1-10000 DieselJuly 1, 1997State Government
GEPA-UST-117Agat New SPS 2 (Tipalao)Route 2AAgatGovernment of GuamT1-10000 DieselMay 1, 1997State Government
GEPA-UST-119Chaligan/Taleyfac SPSRoute 2 across Agat MarinaAgatGovernment of GuamT1-6000 DieselOctober 1, 1997State Government
GEPA-UST-120Chaot SPS - NewAfame, Sinajan Route 4SinajanaGovernment of GuamT1-4000 DieselJune 1, 1999State Government
GEPA-UST-121Commercial Port Sewer Pump Station - NewCabras Highway, PitiPitiGovernment of GuamT1-2500 DieselDecember 1, 2001State Government
GEPA-UST-122Leyang Sewer Pump StationOff Dairy RoadMangilaoGovernment of GuamT1-2500 DieselFebruary 1, 2006State Government
GEPA-UST-123SureStay Hotel122 Hasalao Street, Route 8BarrigadaTent CorporationT1-1000 DieselDecember 1, 1991Commercial
GEPA-UST-124NEX NRMC, Building 5, AutoportBuilding #5, Naval Regional Medical CenterAgana HeightsU.S. Naval Forces MarianasT1-6000 Gas
T2-10000 Gas
August 1, 1990Gas Station
GEPA-UST-126The Laguna at Pago Bay (SPPC)Route 4YonaSouth Pacific Petroleum CorporationT1-2000 LPG
T2-2000 LPG
December 1, 2009Residential
GEPA-UST-127POL Fuel Pump House I & Reciept PadB-26200 & 26210 Marianas Blvd.
Andersen AFB
YigoAndersen AFBT1-4000 Jet Fuel
T2-4000 Jet Fuel
May 21, 1901Federal Military
GEPA-UST-127POL Fuel Pump House 2Bldg 19021 Arc Light Blvd.
Andersen AFB
Andersen AFBT1-4000 Jet Fuel November 1, 2001Federal Military
GEPA-UST-127Fuel Pump Houses 3 & 4B-2590 & 2595 Marianas Blvd,
Andersen AFB
YigoAndersen AFBT1-4000 Jet Fuel
T2-4000 Jet Fuel
January 1, 2005Federal Military
GEPA-UST-128Sandcastle Incorporated1199 Pale San Vitores RoadTamuningSandcastle IncorporatedT1-10000 DieselOctober 1, 1990Commercial
GEPA-UST-129First Hawaiian Bank400 Route 8 MongMong
Maite Branch
MongMongFirst Hawaiian BankT1-8000 DieselOctober 1, 1993Commercial
GEPA-UST-130Guam Homeland Security/OCD221-B Chalan PayasyoAgana HeightsGovernment of GuamT1-2500 DieselSeptember 1, 2007State Government
GEPA-UST-131SKILLED NURSING UNIT449 North Sabana DriveBarrigadaGovernment of GuamT1-8000 DieselApril 1, 1995State Government
GEPA-UST-132MENTAL HEALTH & SUBSTANCE ABUSE790 Gov. Carlos G. Camacho RoadTamuningGovernment of GuamT1-1000 DieselDecember 1, 1993State Government
GEPA-UST-135Layon Landfill1130 Chalan Layon InarajanInarajanGovernment of GuamT1-1000 OWSJanuary 1, 2011State Government
GEPA-UST-137Guam Area Fuel DivisionBuilding 1700 Marine Corps DrivePitiU.S. Naval Forces MarianasT1 thru T18-40800000
Hazardous Substance
December 1, 1952U.S. Naval Forces
GEPA-UST-137Guam Area Fuel DivisionBuilding 1700 Marine Corps DrivePitiU.S. Naval Forces MarianasT19 & T20-4200000
Hazardous Substance
December 1, 1954U.S. Naval Forces
GEPA-UST-137Guam Area Fuel DivisionBuilding 1700 Marine Corps DrivePitiU.S. Naval Forces MarianasT21 & T22-4200000
Hazardous Substance
December 1, 1957U.S. Naval Forces
GEPA-UST-137Guam Area Fuel DivisionBuilding 1700 Marine Corps DrivePitiU.S. Naval Forces MarianasT23 thru T27-12000000
Hazardous Substance
December 1, 1960U.S. Naval Forces
GEPA-UST-138Andy III, Tanks 19,20,21,22,23,24Bldg. 14513 - 14510
Andy III Tank Farm, AAFB
YigoAndersen AFBT1 thru T6-26656729
Hazardous Substance
December 1, 1984Andersen AFB
GEPA-UST-139Guam Memorial Hospital Authority (Decon)850 Governor Carlos Camacho RoadTamuningGovernment of GuamT1-1000 Hazardous SubstanceJune 1, 2013Government of Guam
GEPA-UST-141NEX Autoport/Minimart Service Station B1760Building 1760 Marine Corps Drive
Naval Base Guam, Santa Rita
Santa RitaU.S. Naval Forces MarianasT1-20000 Gas
T2-10000 Diesel
T3-20000 Gas
T4-12000 Gas
Gas Station
GEPA-UST-142Applebee's Restaurant341 Chalan San Antonio Unit ATamuningCAM Properties, LLCT1-600 DieselJuly 1, 2014Commercial
GEPA-UST-143IHOP249 Chalan San Antonio Building 3TamuningCAM Properties, LLCT1-1000 DieselJune 1, 2015Commercial
GEPA-UST-144Ambros Incorporated (SPPC)124 Chalan Achote, Harmon Industrial ParkTamuningSouth Pacific Petroleum CorporationT1-2000 Gas
T2-4000 Diesel
April 1, 2015Commercial
GEPA-UST-145Westin Resort Guam105 Gun Beach RoadTamuningIP&E Holdings, LLC dba IP&E Guam, IncoporatedT1-8000 DieselFebruary 1, 1992Commercial
GEPA044Naval Hospital (decon)Building #5, Naval Regional Medical CenterAgana HeightsU.S. Naval Forces MarianasT1-2500 Hazardous SubstanceMarch 18, 2014U.S. Naval Forces Marianas
GEPA045Guam Regional Medical City133 Route 3DededoGuam Regional Medical CityT1-550 Hazardous SubstanceMarch 5, 2014Guam Regional Medical City
GEPA046Southern Regional Community Health CenterRoute 4InarajanGovernment of GuamT1-1000 Hazardous SubstanceAugust 1, 2011Government of Guam
GEPA047GPA SubstationRoute 4ATalofofoGovernment of GuamT1-2000 Hazardous SubstanceDecember 1, 2006Government of Guam
GEPA048GIAAChalan PaseheruTamuningGovernment of GuamT1 thru T5 - 25000 Hazardous SubstanceJune 1, 2000Government of Guam
GEPA049Red Horse Gas StationRitidianDededoU.S. Naval Forces MarianasT1-5000 Diesel
T2-2500 Gas
February 24, 2011U.S. Naval Forces Marianas
GEPA050Marine Wing Support Squadron FacilityAAFB North RampAAFB YigoU.S. Naval Forces MarianasT1-1000 OWS
T2-5000 Hazardous Substance
December 30, 2016U.S. Naval Forces Marianas
January 1, 1970
January 1, 1970
January 1, 1970

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