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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Erosion and Sediment Control Training Requirement for Building Permit Applications Enforced January 1, 2023 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Erosion and Sediment Control Training Requirement for Building Permit Applications Enforced January 1, 2023 

DECEMBER 30, 2022


December 30, 2022 – (TIYAN, Guam) – Effective January 1, 2023, the Guam Environmental Protection Agency (Guam EPA) will begin enforcing the requirement for all construction site managers or superintendents to be trained in the application and maintenance of erosion and sediment control (ESC) practices for all building permits and clearing, grubbing, grading and stockpiling permits.

Certificates or other documentation bearing proof of completion in a Guam EPA-approved ESC practices training course must accompany all building permit and clearing, grubbing, grading and stockpiling permit applications for project personnel identified in the applications as:

  • on-site construction site managers;
  • superintendents; or
  • anyone personally responsible for managing construction and earthmoving work for the respective project

Exemptions to the ESC training completion requirement may be granted for projects which include:

  • projects occurring indoors and without disturbance of the ground surface; and
  • “self construction” work done for the purpose of building or renovating a single-family dwelling, if done solely by the owner of the dwelling

Guam EPA notes that exemptions to the ESC training requirement may not be granted in instances where a homeowner assigns subsequent work to a contractor in a self-construct project. In these instances, the contractor is not relieved of the ESC training completion requirement and must provide proof of training. Applicants may be subject to enforcement actions if deliberate attempts are made to avoid permitting requirements. 

“Over the past year, numerous contractor personnel have completed courses in ESC practices, and our inspectors have noticed a significant improvement in compliance at their construction sites,” said Guam EPA Administrator Walter S. Leon Guerrero. “Ensuring that construction operations are managed by properly trained personnel will serve to protect the environment and the construction industry as a whole. I encourage all contractors to sign up for these courses if you have not done so already, and to join the rest of the industry in moving forward as stewards and partners in the protection of Guam’s environment and quality of life.”

Contractors are responsible for managing all phases of construction on their projects. ESC is a legal requirement for projects where earthmoving work takes place, and serves as the primary protection against soil, sand or silt runoff from entering our fresh and marine water environments. Some projects disturb naturally occurring vegetation and prevent water from naturally infiltrating into the ground. Properly built and maintained ESC measures improve recharge into our aquifers and aid in preventing surface runoff.

ESC training is a requirement listed as E&SC Standard No. 8 in Volume 1, Chapter 2 of 2006 CNMI and Guam Stormwater Management Manual, which was adopted via governor’s Executive Order No. 2012-02. Notification of Guam EPA’s January 1 deadline has been provided on more than 630 permit documents issued by Guam EPA over the past year, reaching more than 250 separate contractors. ESC training which meets this requirement is currently available from the Guam Trades Academy. For more information about the training, contact the Guam Trades Academy at 671-647-4842 or visit gcatradesacademy.org. For more information about ESC compliance or to view the 2006 CNMI and Guam Stormwater Management Manual in its entirety, visit epa.guam.gov/programs/water-pollution-control

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