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Section 1526: Energy Policy Act

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Guam EPA Compliance with Energy Policy Act, Section 1526

Hafa Adai! The Energy Policy Act of 2005 contains amendments to Subtitle I of the Solid Waste Disposal Act. This law significantly affects federal and state underground storage tank (UST) programs, will require major changes to the programs, and is aimed at further reducing UST releases to our environment. The UST provisions of the Energy Policy Act focus on preventing releases. Among other things, it expands eligible uses of the Leaking UST Trust Fund and includes provisions regarding public records, inspections, operator training, delivery prohibition, secondary containment, financial responsibility, and cleanup of releases that contain oxygenated fuel additives.

The public record grant guidelines are established in accordance with Section 1526 of the Energy Policy Act, which requires states to maintain, update, and make available to the public a record of USTs regulated under Subtitle I. This section requires that a state’s public record must include:

  • The number, source, and causes of UST releases;
  • The record of compliance by UST in the state with Subtitle I or a state program approved under Section 9004 of Subtitle I; and
  • Data on the number of UST equipment failures in the state.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency developed the public record guidelines in consultation with the state and regional tank offices. The guidelines describe the minimum requirements states must meet in order to comply with the public record provision in the Energy Policy Act. The guidelines include developing and updating the public record, making the public record available, describing the minimum public record content, ensuring data quality, and demonstrating and ensuring compliance with the guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Michael O’Mallan of our Hazardous Waste Management Program at (671) 300-4767.

Summary Information on Underground Storage Tanks

General Information

Total Number of UST Facilities:                          120

Total Number of USTs:                                        282

Summary Information for On-Site Inspections

Number of UST Facilities Inspected:                 41

Inspection Period Dates:                                   April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019

Percent Compliance (Combined Measure):     95%

Note: Tank, facility, and on-site inspection information is based on tanks regulated under 40 CFR 280 and Title 10 Guam Code Annotated, Chapter 76. On-site inspections measure compliance with significant operational compliance (release detection and release prevention).

Summary Information for Releases

Number of Confirmed UST Releases:               3

Release Reporting Period Dates:                      April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019

Summary Information for Release Source and Causes


(of release)

Spill Overfill Phys/Mech Damage Corrosion Install problem Other Unknown
From # % # % # % # % # % # % # % # %
Tank 1 33.3 1 33.3
Piping 2 66.6 1 33.3 1 33.3
Delivery Problem
Totals 3 100 2 66.6 1 33.3

# = number; % = percent of total number

Note:    Release, source, and cause information is based on releases from regulated USTs. Source and cause data were collected using UST owner/operator notifications and Agency site inspections.

For further site-specific information, please contact:

Hazardous Waste Management Program - Air & Land Division
Guam Environmental Protection Agency
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