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Environmental Monitoring and Analytical Services (EMAS)

About the Division

The Environmental Monitoring and Analytical Services (EMAS) Division is comprised of two separate Programs. These Programs support many functions of the Agency including biological monitoring and laboratory services.

The two Programs of the Environmental Monitoring and Analytical Services (EMAS) Division

Guam 2020 Integrated Report

The Clean Water Act (CWA) requires states to identify waters that do not or are not expected to meet applicable water quality standards with current pollution control technologies alone.

Since 1992, EPA has issued program guidance on the 303(d) listing and reporting process to help states prepare and submit to CWA section 303(d) reports. In 2002 U.S EPA encouraged states to merge the 305(b) report and the 303(d) report. States are allowed to report on all their assessed water under section 305(b) and the list of those that are impaired in a single integrated report. Integrated Report Guidance (IRG) is issued biennially to support states in making listing decisions and reporting on the conditions of their waters:

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