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About the Program

Responsibilities established by law

The Department of Defense (DoD) and State/Territorial Memorandum of Agreement (DSMOA) Program works closely with DoD on environmental restoration and clean-up work in Guam. The program was created by the Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act of 1986.
Under the DSMOA Program, Guam EPA has regulatory oversight of the Navy and Air Force’s environmental restoration efforts to ensure compliance with local and federal laws and regulations.

Elements of the DSMOA-CERCLA Program

The program oversees three DoD programs:

  • Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC): A clean-up program to ensure the environmental suitability of properties for transfer to GovGuam.
  • Installation Restoration Program: The main DoD environmental restoration program which covers on-base actions, such as the Orote landfill at COMNAVMAR and CB landfill clean-up at Finegayan.
  • Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS): U.S. Army Corps of Engineers program to clean up military sites that are no longer owned by the U.S. Government.
  • Superfund:A clean-up program under the federal government to clean up the nation’s uncontrolled hazardous waste sites listed under the National Priorities List (NPL).
    Andersen Air Force Base is under the NPL and listed as a Superfund site.

More information about the DSMOA Programs’ successes can be found in the program’s Final Report.

Guam Green Parcel Program

Visit our Green Parcel Page to learn what the program can do for you.

The Green Parcel Program is funded through the federal Brownfields Program. This Program was created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help communities deal with environmental contamination that may be presenting an obstacle to redevelopment. The program focuses on sites where either real or perceived contamination by hazardous substances or petroleum products from past site uses serves to limit reinvestment or development interest.
Guam EPA began working with Green Parcels in 2006 through federal grant funding from U.S. EPA, Region IX. During the past five years, the Agency has worked with the Guam Economic Development and Commerce Authority, the Port Authority of Guam, the Guam International Airport Authority and the Department of Parks and Recreation. It is the Program’s goal to identify and evaluate the risks posed by these properties, and find solutions so that reuse and redevelopment is possible.

2022 Listing of Green Parcels in Guam


128a SURVEY & INVENTORY of Brownfield Property on Guam

Site Name
Size (acres)
Guam International Airport Authority – Former Aircraft Graveyard (POI-3).1 acreCompletedPhase 1 done in 2008. Phase 2 done in Oct. 2010.
Guam International Airport Authority – Former GSE Maintenance Facility (POI-6).22 acreCompletedPhase 1 done in 2008. Phase 2 done in Oct. 2010.
Guam International Airport Authority – VQ-5Interceptor Drainage (POI-18).13 acreCompletedPhase 1 done in 2008. Phase 2 done in Oct. 2010.
Father Duenas High School Monitoring Well10 acresCompletedPhase 1 done in April 2008. Phase 2 done in April 2008.
Harmon Loop Transition Site10 acresCompletedPhase 1 done in May 2008. Phase 2 done in July 2010.
Old Navy Supply Depot, Drum Storage Lot, Polaris Point79 acresActivePhase 1 done in July 2008. Phase 2 being done by the Lessee.
Tiyan Transition Site4 acresActivePhase 1 done in Oct. 2009. Phase 2 is ongoing.
Yigo Transition Site8.44 acresActivePhase 1 is currently ongoing.
Apra Harbor Reservation F (Port Container Yard Expansion Area)30 acresActivePhase 1 done in Sept. 2008.
Tiyan Gymnasium (Navy Gym)43.4 acresActivePhase 1 done in April 2011.


Father Duenas High School Tennis Court2 acresW/R9
Umatac Low Cost Housing DevelopmentPlanned
Mangilao Rugby FieldProposed
Deded Public Market SiteProposed
Dededo Low Cost HousingProposed
Former Go Cart Track2.21 acresCompletedPhase 1 done in April 2011, Phase 2 done in February 2013
Former Office Building and Quonset Area43.4 acresActivePhase 1 done in April 2011, Phase 2 is being proposed
Guam Community College Pistol Range0.33 acresActivePhase 1 is currently ongoing
Calvo Memorial Parkway1.10 acresCompleted
Farmers Market Cooperative Facility7.0 acresCompleted December 2015
Total Acreage241.33 acres

For more information click on the Guam Environmental Protection Agency Brownsfield Grant Fact Sheet.

128a Public Record Requirement – FY22 Brownfield Site Status – As of January 2022


Former Guam Memorial Hospital Site

LOT M19 L5173-1 R2-NEW-R6, TamuningPhase 1 ESA COMPLETEDPending Phase II ESAN/AN/A
Island Girl Power SiteLOT M05 L10114-NEW-3-R2, DededoPhase 1 ESA COMPLETEDPending Phase II ESAN/AN/A
Former Good Will SiteLOT M19 L5138-2-R3-NEW-1, TamuningPhase II ESA COMPLETEDN/AN/A
Former International Bridge Corp LotM13 L7054-R5, YigoPhase II ESA COMPLETEDN/AN/A
Hazardous and Petroleum Assessment

Federal funding is received to perform environmental assessments of properties for the presence of petroleum and hazardous substances.

Pacific Basin Environmental Screening Levels (PBESLs)

The PBESLs provide a link between site investigations and response actions. These levels help provide guidance for any entity working on a response action to clean up or address hazards posed by the presence, or perceived presence, of contaminated soil or groundwater.

The PBESLs give numbers and levels to help guide cleanups. This gives every cleanup a baseline level of concentrations to achieve. This assists with the decision making process in terms of the type of action that needs to happen to reach the cleanup goals.

These levels are outlined in numerous documents below, and are also accessible through the easy-to-use PBESL surfer. For more information about how to use PBESL please contact Guam EPA at 300-4751/52 or contact Green Parcels.

Board Resolution

The Guam EPA Board of Directors adopted the Pacific Basic Environmental Screening Levels for use in Guam on Thursday, April 17, 2014. Read the resolution here.

Guidance Documents for PBESLs

The technical reports and updates below can be used to expedite the identification of potential environmental hazards at sites. This includes sites that may have contaminated soil or groundwater.

PBESL Surfer

The ESL surfer is a searchable version of the technical documents above. The surfer makes it easy to figure out what cleanup levels apply and it also includes a glossary, a summary of information on the chemical selected and an overview of options. Please note that every site is managed by the site manager and he/she has the ability to determine final clean-up numbers based on site specific conditions. Guam utilizes the highly vulnerable aquifer as part of the criteria used on the Surfer. The surfer is a Microsoft Excel document.

More helpful tools to use the PBESLs

Guam State Response Program

Guam EPA received funding from USEPA, Region IX to develop the Guam Environment Assessment & Remediation (GEAR) Program. The purpose of this program will be to establish a program that prevents and addresses hazardous substance releases in a manner consistent with existing policy of non-degradation whenever it is necessary, feasible and cost-effective. The basic elements of this program are:

  • Timely survey and inventory of potential Brownfield sites;
  • Oversight and enforcement authorities and other legal mechanisms and resources;
  • Mechanisms and resources to provide meaningful opportunities for public participation;
  • Mechanisms for approval of a cleanup plan including verification and certification that
    cleanup is complete;
  • Establish and maintain Public Record.

Program Staff and Contact Information

Environmental Health Specialist IIIMichael CruzMike.Cruz@epa.guam.gov1.671.300.7874
Environmental Health Specialist IIDerien MitchellDerien.Mitchell@epa.guam.gov1.671.300.4797
Environmental Health Specialist IChie TakaseChie.Takase@epa.guam.gov1.671.300.4798

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